In support of HFMA’s efforts to minimize paper waste, become more environmentally- friendly, decrease costs, and provide the most up to date session information to all participants, meeting and session handouts will no longer be available at the meetings. Presentations will be provided for download on our website following each meeting and for a reasonable period of time thereafter.

January 18, 2018 HFMA South Texas Leadership Forum

South Texas HFMA Leadership Forum Brochure


Increasing Coding Compliance and Reimbursement

Novitas MAC Update 180102 – Garza

Negotiating with Yourself and Winning 180103 – McCarter

85th Legislative Session Update

Psychographics + Technology: Changing patient Behaviors in Cardiovascular Health to Drive Better Outcomes, Productivity and Cost Savings 180105 – Walker & Dunn

Becoming a Talking Head: Medical Billing Experts in Texas 180106 – Christensen

The Demise of Primary Care (AKA: MACRA)

October 16 – 17, 2017 TAHFA and HFMA South Texas Fall Symposium

CPE’s are awarded based on your signature on the sign in sheet. Please click the link below and locate your certificate to save for your records (Alphabetical by last name)

CPE Certificates

Fall Symposium Brochure


Update on the Economic Condition of the U.S. and It’s Relation to Healthcare Reform 171001 – Dana Forgione

Sustainability Under Value Based Payments and Population Health Management – It Starts with Documentation 171004 – Wayne Little & James Proctor

Please, Please, Please – Just Say No! 171006 – Ted Shaw

How to Maximize MACRA Bonuses and Increase Your Reimbursement 171007 – Larry Sobal

Going Beyond: What’s Next For the Texas 1115 Medicaid Transformation Waiver 171008 – Carol Huber

Eligibility and Point of Service Collection Practices That Work 171009 – Doug Turek

FY18 Uncompensated Care DSH (UC-DSH): Inside the Numbers 171011 – Ed Guerrero

MedLearn SE17031

S10 Trans 10 Instructions

S10 Transl 11 Instructions

S10 Wksht eff 10-1-2016

Using Systems Science To Inform Population Health Strategies in Local Health Departments 171012 – Anil Mangla

Revenue Cycle Strategies 171013 – Shelden Pink


October 14, 2017 HFMA South Texas Retama Park Social

CPE Certificates

Physician Accounting & Finance 101 – Best Practices for Physicians & Clinics  171001S – Robbie M. Connell

August 24, 2017  HFMA South Texas and ACHE Central Texas Chapters – Summer Institute

Where Heart Programs are Leaving Millions of Dollars on the Table and How to Get it – Larry Sobal


May 22-23, 2017   HFMA South Texas Annual Institute

HFMA National Update: Thrive 170501 – Galindez

Organizational Alignment is NOT an Oxymoron! 170502 – Art Johnson and Stephanie Thompson

Regional Payer Presentation and Overview of Developments for Their Respective Products Throughout the South TX Market

Patient-Provider Technology Solutions that improve Bundled Payment Outcomes and Customer Satisfaction 170504 – Evans

Fraud and Abuse is Alive and Well – and Coming to a Hospital Near You. How Can Providers Thrive Under the New MIPS and APS Payment System Implemented by MACRA? 170505 – Richards

State of the Healthcare Industry: AHA and THA Political and Legislative Update 170506 – Cundari and 170506 – Hawkins

Patient Satisfaction: Transforming Your Bottom Line 170507 – Cleveland.

Healthcare Fraud & Abuse 170508 – Sharp

Texas’ 1115 Medicaid Waiver and DSRIP: Going, Going, Gone? Or Going, Going Beyond? 170509 – Huber


February 24, 2017 Healthcare Landscape

C – Suite Breakfast: Key Challenges in Health Care 1702J1 – Nowicki and Powell -Stafford

Military Medicine in 2017 – Opportunities For Greater Civilian/Military Integration

ACHE Take Aways 1702J3 – Powell-Stafford ACHE

Thriving Within the Healthcare Landscape’s Challenge of Change 1702J4 – Mary Mirabelli

Improving the Health Status of Your Community 1702J5 – Legal panel

AHA/THA Political Update 1702J6 – Ted Shaw

Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare Delivery 1702J7 – Panel, Edward Schmacher, Moderator


January 20, 2017 HFMA South Texas Leadership Forum

Becoming a Leader of Character 170101 – Anderson

Sustainability in an Ever-Changing Landscape 170102 – Bilse

Creating Sustainable High-Reliability Operations: A Systematic Approach 170103 – Greenhill

Humanizing Analytics in Population Health: Do You Know Joe? 170104 – Erickson

Revenue Portfolio Design and Care Transformation: or How I Learned to Love Bundles 170105 – Hannah and Spillman

Macranomics: Patient-Level Economics and Strategic Implicatoins For Providers 170106 – Helfand

December 20, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Preparing Your Occupational Mix Survey 1612W – Mike Webdale

November 15, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

The Cyber Landscape and your Culture of Security 1611W2 – Jon Ault

November 7, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

MACRA: Essential Strategies in Economic Reform Adele Allison – 1611W1

October 18, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Pacing the Transition from Volume to Value: Four Keys to Success 1610W – Scott Clay

September 11-13, 2016 HFMA South Texas & TAHFA Fall Symposium

Peace, Love & Understanding the Post-Acute Environment to Prepare for Advance Payment Models 091216T1 – Chris Murphy

Safety, Life and a Just Culture 091216T2 – Natasha Nicol

Engaging the New Consumer Patient Through Retail Medicine 091216T3 – Matthew Gilbert

Provider Based Facilities – Winter is Coming! 091216T4 – Tim LeJeune

Steps to Align Acute Care and Physician & Revenue Cycle 091216T5 -Sheldon Pink

Medicare SSH Reimbursement Update. CMS Ruling 1498-R Litigation: The Gallant Efort to Procure Additional Hospital Reimbursement in a Post-Baystate World 091216T6 – Alan Sedley

Medicaid & Legislative Update for 2017 091216T7 – John Berta and Michelle Apodaca

View from the Board and Beyond – Medicare Cost Reporting Issues and Updates 091216T8 – Juliet McBride

Rural Hospital Sustainability – Tips and Strategies to Improve the position of your Rural Hospital 091216T9 – Michael Morgan

340B Compliance and Opportunities 091216T10 – David Layne

The Change of the Physician Practice in This Ever-Changing Healthcare World 091216T11 – Renae Thomas

The Cigna Decision: A Road Map to Dealing With Out-of-Network Providers 091216T12 – Douglas Turek

Final IPPS Rules: More or Less 091216T13 – Sue Brammer


August 25, 2016 HFMA South Texas & ACHE Summer Institute

Navigating Serious Health Care Issues In a Wild Election Year 1608J1 – Banda

Denial Impact: Inpatient vs Outpatient Level of Care 1608J2 – Posey 

Trending Community-Based, Access-to-Care Model in Texas 1608J4 – Newton

Talent Management and Succession Planning 1608J5 – Ascension Texas

The New Reality for Healthcare Leaders: What got you here, won’t get you there. 1608J5 – Sorensen

August 16, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

The 1115 Waiver Journey Continues 1608W – David Salsberry

June 21, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Reducing Operational Costs Through Employee Engagement 1606W – Jaquetta Clemons

May 17, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

340B Compliance And Opportunities 1605W – David A. Layne

May 15 – 17, 2016 HFMA South Texas Spring Institute

Go Beyond 160501 – Melinda Hancock

From Education to Implementation, Redesigning PFX 160502 – Suzanne Lestina

Economics Driving Healthcare Reform 160503 – Michael Nowicki

Navigating the Fog 160504 – Ted Shaw

Bumps in the Road: Seton Health Alliance’s Journey to Building an Accountable Care Organization and a Clinically Integrated Network 160505 – Meredith Duncan

Value-Based Payments for Rural Providers: The Rural ACO Experience. 160507 – Shannon Calhoun

Effective Communication in the Digital Age 160508 – Geoffrey Tumlin

The pink MAP to Optimizing Revenue Cycle Success… 160509 – Renee Edwards

Telemedicine: What, How, and Why! 160510 – Lucas Lumbley

April 19, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

VA Community Care Provider Brief 1604W – Benjamin Altose, Cindy Heaton

April 1, 2016 J. Ann Magers Leadership Forum

Creative Leadership 160401 – Jonathan Fanning

The Baptist Health System Lean Management Model 160404 – Heather Anderson

What’s Next on the Political Landscape for Healthcare? 160406 – John Hawkins

March 21, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Are You on the Right Path to Value? 1603BW – P. Todd DeWeese, MBA

March 15, 2016 Region 9 Webinar

Medical Practice in America: Past, Present, and Future 1603AW – Kurt Mosley

January 29, 2016 Healthcare Landscape

Investing in Employees and Building the Wellness Culture – Peter Wald, MD, MPH

Economics Driving Healthcare Reform – Michael Nowicki, EdD

Healthcare – The Change from Volume to Value – Melinda S. Hancock

New Government Focuses on Fraud and Abuse Enforcement – Moderator – John J. LoCurto

AHA / THA Political Update – Ted Shaw

Using the Baldridge Criteria to Improve Your Organization’s Performance and Quality – Moderator – Dr. Mac McGuire

December 15, 2015 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Using Technology as a Differentiator for Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting 1512W – Noel Phillips, Helen Read

November 24, 2015 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Teach Your Team to Soar 1511W – Doug Bilbrey, Dave Lamar, Jason McNeil

October 22, 2015 HFMA South Texas Valley Forum

Navigating the Era of Fusion Reimbursement – Bundled Payments 151001 – Barbara Letts

What’s New on the EHR Front? 151002 – Michael Orr & Travis Skinner

The Shifting Landscape of Medicaid in Texas 151004 – John Berta

Short Term Financing – “Right Tool for the Right Job” 151005 – Joshua DeWolf

Long Term Strategies for Accessing Capital – “Right Tool for the Right Job” 151005 – Scott Blount

Employee Engagement Strategies and the Impact on the Value Equation 151006 – Ryan Wilson-Flores

October 20, 2015 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Hot Topics – Inpatient and Outpatient Coding and Billing Compliance 1510W_Paula Archer, RHIA

September 20 – 22 TAHFA / HFMA Fall Symposium

1115 Demonstration Waiver 150901_ Brittani Bilse

YCMTSU: The 84th Texas Legislature – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up 150902_Stacy Wilson

People Styles 150903_Mark Kostreba

Mandatory Elements of Healthcare Reform 150904_Walter Coleman

Legislative Update and Recent Enforcement Actions 150906_ Ashley Johnson_Josh Weaver

Reducing False Claim Liability for Medicare Inpatient Admissions 150907_Dr Gregory Palega

Social Engineering: Protecting PHI through the Weakest Link 150908_Paul Douglas

Fraud Prevention Strategies for Healthcare 150909_Todd Burchett

Chargemaster Compliance & Revenue Capture 150910_Scott Treida

Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Drive Acute Service to Patient Location 150911_ Danna Campbell_Nicholas Massiello

Maximizing Reimbursement Through Coordination of Benefits 150912_Doug Turek

Taking Your Financial Career to The Next Level 150913_Stefan Werdegar

September 15 Region 9 Webinar

The Patient Financial Experience
Corey Meyer

April 16-17 Annual Institute 2015

Accounting Standards Update
Chris Clark

Mandatory Elements of Healthcare Reform
Walter Coleman

Integrated Nurse Training and Mobile Device Harm Reduction Progam
Brandy Early, RN, MSN and Sylvia Harrison

►Socio-Demographic Insights and Population Health
Randy Hawkins

Code Red: The Critical Condition of Health in Texas 2015
George Hernandez

Changing Change Management
Laura L. Monroe, CPHQ

Legal and Legislative Update
Kevin Reed

HFMA National Update: Leading the Change
Richard Rodriguez

Meaningful Use: How did we get here and where are we going?
Stephen Stewart

January 30, 2015 – Healthcare Landscape

Leadership in an Era of Reform
Deborah J. Bowen, FACHE, CAE

Solutions for Today’s Healthcare Challenges
Kari S. Cornicelli, FHFMA, CPA

AHA / THA Political Update
Megan Cundari

The Texas Way Program
Ted Shaw

Healthcare Executives Leading Healthcare Reform
Rulon F. Stacey, PhD, FACHE

New Healthcare Provider Business Strategies: Are There New Legal Risks? Panel handouts
The Importance of Health Law Attorneys in the U.S. Army
Joseph Baar Topinka
The Strategic Lawyer

Listening to Employers: How Health Systems Can Support Population Health Management
Peter Wald, M.D.

October 23, 2014 – HFMA South Texas Fall Institute

Physician Integration
Bill Carbrey

The Latest on Texas, the Affordable Care Act, and the Coverage Gap – The Good News and the Bad
Anne Dunkelberg

Getting Ready for the 2015 Legislative Session
John M. Hawkins

Audits, Opportunities, & Roadmaps
Mike Orr and Travis Skinner

Six Essential Elements for Physician Revenue Cycle Management
Maria Pouwels

Community Health Information Exchange
Gijs Van Oort

Strategic Health Care pricing during the “Retail Revolution”
Ryan White

Prioritization, Resource Mangement, and Asset Portfolio Realization
Scott Woodard

September 18, 2014 – HFMA South Texas Chapter Valley Forum | Edinburg

Medicaid 1115 Waiver – Supplemental Payments
John Berta

Marketplace Coverage Panel
Cliff Clark, Stacey Pogue, Lorenzo Olivarez, John Hawkins

The Texas Way
John Hawkins

Quality, Compliance, and Cash
Daniel Hollaway

Texas Healthcare Transformation and Quality Improvement Program Waiver
Ardas Khalsa

Texas Marketplace Enrollment and Coverage
Stacey Pogue

STHS – ACA Open Enrollment
Lorenzo Olivarez

From Concept to Construction: The Road to a South Texas Medical School
Isreal Rocha, Jr.

Provider-Sponsored Health Plans: Do you Live in Reality…or Star in Your Own TV Show?
James Ryan

Serving America’s Greatest Heroes
Patrick Shipley

August 21, 2014 – HFMA South Texas and ACHE Joint Summer Institute | Austin, TX

Collecting in a Consumer World
Suzanne Lestina

Learning to Embrace & Manage Change: What are the drivers that cause change for you? Are you prepared for them?
Neal Smith

May 22-23, 2014 Annual Institute | Pearl South Padre | South Padre Island, TX

What’s Next for Texas Healthcare Providers-ACA Implementation, 1115 Waiver, and Medicaid…Oh My!
Michelle Apodaca, J.D.

Tax Update – Federal, State & Unclaimed Property
Jackie Coburn

HFMA Leading the Value Journey
Kari Cornicelli, FHFMA, CPA

How Revenue Cycle Can Change Patient Loyalty
Cathy Doughty and Brian Graves

Once Twice Upon a Midnight Dreary
The Ins, Outs, & Implications of Medicare’s Two-Midnight Rule

Mike Gentine

Federal and State Legislative and Regulatory Update
John Hawkins

PCMH: Are you going to Build a Wall or a Windmill?
LuAnn Kimker, RN MSN, CPHIMS, PCMH CCE and Jennifer Polello, MHPA, MCHES, PCMH CCE

Next Generation Outcomes
Kevin McDaniel

Healthcare Reform Rediness: Patient Navigator Solution
Rodney Napier

Getting to Know Your HFMA South Texas Chapter
Christopher Snyder

Population Health Management: Elements to Consider
Grayling Dwayne Yarbrough, MHA

April 25, 2014 Women’s Forum | The Driskill Hotel | Austin, TX

Clinical Quality and Finance Collaboration: A Strategy for Success
Sarah Humme, DN, RN, NEA-BC, CENP

Maximizing Reimbursement through Clinical Documentation Improvement
Lynn Myers MD, CPC, CHC

Leveraging Technology to Optimize Your Revenue Cycle
Tammy Walsh and Trent Iden

Changing the Health Care System through Collaboration
Patricia Young Brown

March 18, 2014 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

Healthcare Reform: The Movement From Volume to Value – What Is the End State, and How Do We Get There?
Jim Donohue

February 18, 2014 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

The How’s and Why’s of a Patient-Centered Approach to Population-Based Healthcare
Emma Mandell and Joshua Halverson

January 31, 2014 Healthcare Landscape 2014

►AHA/THA Political Update – Federal and State Action
Megan Cundari and John Hawkins

The Economic Condition of the US and its Relation to Healthcare Reform
Dana A. Forgione, Ph.D., CPA, CMA, CFE

ACO Development: Lessons Learned
Denise W. Glass

HFMA:Leading the Value Journey
Melinda Hancock, FHFMA, CPA

100 Top Hospitals Nursing Insights
Jayne Pope, FACHE, MBA, RN and Maureen Polivka, RN, JD

November 20, 2013 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

Strategic Pricing
Jim Sink and Jason Durrett

October 24, 2013 Fall Institute, San Antonio

Medicare Cost Reporting Procedures & The Appeals Process
Kristin L. DeGroat, Esq. & Corinna Goron

Collaborative Compliance-Partnering Compliance with Administration and Clinical Leadership
Timothy Eng

Embracing Math, Statistics, Lean, and Six Sigma Methods to Improve Financial Performance and Decision Making in the Revenue Cycle
Marj Green and Mischa Dick

Jobs of Tomorrow and Shortages
Carolyn Milburn

ACO’s: Lessons Learned Thus Far
Bryan Smith

Employer Insurance Exchange:What You Need to Know
Ken Steele and James S. Ryan

Medicaid 1115 Transformation Waiver: Countdown to Launch
Stacy Wilson; Patricia Young-Brown
; Cynthia Martinez

September 26, 2013 The Valley Forum

►The Medicaid 1115 Waiver Panel
Stacy Wilson, JD ; Melissa Rowan; Terry Crocker; Eduardo Olivarez

IC-10-CM/PCS Introducation What does it mean to you?
presented by Brian Audler, CPC

Making Meaningful Use Meaningful
Shannon S. Calhoun

Physician and Advanced Practice Clinician Compensation Trends and Value-Based Physician Compensation Planning
Maria Hayduck; Matthew Nolan

Taking Your Financial Career to the Next Level
Stefan Werdegar

September 17, 2013 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

Innovative Solutions for Hospital/ Physician Alignment
Josh Halverson

August 20, 2013 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

83rd Texas Legislative Update – From a Hospital Provider Perspective
Fletcher Brown, JD and Michelle Apodaca, JD

August 22, 2013 South Texas Chapter/ACHE Central Texas Summer Summit

ICD-10-CM/PCS Introduction:What does it mean to you?
Lynda Starbuck

Take Charge of Patient Collections
Ken Sundberg

July 30, 2013 Texas State Chapters Webinar

Taking Your Financial Career to the Next Level
Magnificent Seven
Stefan Werdegar

June 18, 2013 Texas Chapters Free Webinar

Transitioning Physicians from Independent to Emplyed: Maximizing Financial Performance
Lucy Zielinski

2013 Annual Institute
May 23-24, 2013
South Padre Island, TX

The Top 10 Ways Your Revenue Cycle Can Be Killing Your Bottom Line
Becky Black

Access to Capital in an Era of Reform
Scott C. Bloun

State of Health Care in Texas – Legislative Updates
John Hawkins

Health Care Accounting and Financial Reporting Update
Danielle McNeely

Fraud & Embezzlement
Angela Morelock

Washington Update: An Overview of Legislative, Regulatory, and Market Actions Impacting Hospitals
Chad Mulvany, FHFMA

Assessing ICD-10 Implementation from an Enterprise Risk Management Perspective
Rachel V. Rose, JD, MBA

IRC Section 501(r) and Other Tax Potpourri
Sallie Zubek, JD and Jennifer Channing, CPA

Educational Road Show Series
February 20, 21, 26, 2013
San Antonio, Uvalde, Weslaco

Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA)
Sergio A. Mora, MHA

Collecting Healthcare Receivables
How PFS Can Protect and Improve Hospital Reimbursement under Value-Based Pricing Rules
Quality and Reimbursement
Daniel Schulte

Third Party Liability: How to get reimbursement from the World’s Dumbest Drivers
Brad Williams

Healthcare Landscape 2013
January 25, 2013

St. George Maronite Center | San Antonio

Nurses: Crucial Collaborators Across the Continuum
Rhonda Anderson RN, DNSc, FAAN, FACHE

Observations for Healthcare Executives: A Catalytst for Conversation
Thomas C. Dolan, PhD, FACHE, CAE

Health System Success in the Post-Election Environment
Teri Fontenot

Texas Legislative Update
John Hawkins

Ralph Lawson

Developments in Health Care Fraud Enforcement
Ben Wallfisch

HFMA Texas Chapters Free Webinar
January 24, 2013

501(r) Devlopments and Compliance
Paige Gerich, CPA

South Texas 2012 Fall Institute
October 25, 2012
The Club at Sonterra | San Antonio, TX

Dangerous Curve Ahead: Texas Legislative Preview
Jennifer Banda

Improving the Physician Revenue Cycle Through KPI’s
Cara Campos

Health Care Consolidation: The Industry’s Response to the New Normal
Brian E. Flanigan

The Unintended (Real Estate) Consequences of Physician Alignment
Michael Lincoln and Margie McHugh

►Medicaid 1115 Transformation Waiver Panel
Melissa Rowan – The Role of Community Centers
Stacy Wilson – Countdown to Launch
Peggy Deming – Medicaid 1115 Transformation Waiver: Countdown to Launch

Taking Your Finance Career to the Next Level
Stefan Werdegar

South Texas Fall Educational Roadshow Series
Seguin, Uvalde, Harlingen, TX
September 12, 13, 21

Survival Strategies in Healthcare Reform
Patrick Carroll

HFMA South Texas Chapter / ACHE Central Texas Chapter
2012 Annual Summer Institute

ICD-10: Roadmap to a Successful Transition
Teresa Benavidez, Shawn Manning

Face to Face Panel – Accountablity for the Care We Provide
Questions and Resources

Handout 1
Handout 2

State of Affairs at the UT Health Science Center and Health Care Reform
Dr. Kenneth I. Shine

ACHE Update
Gayle Capozzalo

Physician Alignment – The Cure for Rising Healthcare Costs?
John Hawkins

Texas Healthcare Transformation And Quality Improvement Program 1115
Maureen Milligan

HFMA South Texas 2012 Annual Institute
May 24-25, 2012 – Isla Grand Beach Resort | South Padre Island, TX

Certification Course – all sections
Certification Program Member FAQs
CHFP Exam Candidate Handbook
Sample Questions
HFMA Professional Practicum Participants Guide

Certification Course – Contract Management / Internal Controls
Contract Management Case Study
Internal Control And Copliance Case Study
Provider Agreement for Standard Contracting Case Study

Trends in Emergency Departments
Ed Bachmann

Closing the Generation Gap
Nancy Barry

When Disaster Strikes
Jason Cables

Strategies for Financial Sustainability
Jamie Cleverly

Are You Ready for ICD-10?
Lincoln Fish

Emergency Services
Neal Greacen

Maximizing Tax Credits and Economic Incentives
Scott Grisham

Accountable Care Organizations – The Cure for Rising Healthcare Costs?
John Hawkins

1115 Waiver – UPL / Medicaid Managed Expansion
John Hawkins

Accounting and Auditing Update
Tom Watson

Value Creation: The Role of the CFO in Leading People & Culture Transformations
Daniel Becerra, Stephen Hill, Chuck Reynolds

South Texas Education Road Show Series
Seguin, Uvalde, Weslaco
February 24, 28, 29, 2012

Improvement Strategies for Key Revenue Cycle Process
Improvement Strategies ofr HIPAA Security Practices and EHR Implementations
Matt Jackson and Richard Williams

South Texas Annual Joint Healthcare Conference
January 27, 2012 – St. George Maronite Center, San Antonio, Texas

Building Value Through Reform and Beyond
Gregory M. Adams, FHFMA

Political Malpractice Book Cover
Stanley F. Hupfeld

Navigating Opportunities for ACOs in the Medicare Shared Savings Program
James G. Wiehl

Federal Update
Megan Cundari

Nurses – A Crucial Part of The Triple Aim Puzzle
Handouts – #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

Accountable Care Organizations and Patient Centered Medical Homes: New Models of Care
Joel T. Allison

South Texas Fall Institute
October 27, 2011 – The Club at Sonterra, San Antonio, Texas

Health Reform and Texas: The View from Fall 2011
Anne Dunkelburg

Physician Employment by Hospitals: Opportunities and Challenges
Charles W. Bailey, J.D.; James E. Buckner, Jr.

Ethics – The Rise and Fall of HealthSouth
Aaron Beam

Decreases in Medicaid Reimbursements: A Panel Discussion
William Galinsky; ►Shawn Barnett;► Susan Turley;► Eddie Read

Maximizing the Value of Your Supply Chain
Patrick Carroll

Accounting Update
Tom Watson

Is Your Revenue Cycle an Asset to Customer Loyalty?
Scott Morgan

The Value of Certification
George Hill

South Texas Fall Road-Show Series
September 14, 15, 21, 22 – San Marcos, Uvalde, Laredo, McAllen

Texas Medicaid and Legilative Update
Michelle Apodaca, Jennifer Banda

Chargemaster Automation in Today’s World
Lyn Dewitt

HFMA South Texas Chapter / ACHE Central Texas Joint Summer Institute 2011
August 25, 2011

West Texas Healthcare: Turning Today’s Challenges into Tomorrow’s Opportunities
Dr. Tedd Mitchell

ACOs:Donnie Brasco, IBM, a Naked Emperor, and Some Change
Tom Miller, Ph.D., MBA

A Fresh Look at Health Care Delivery
Christopher Van Gorder
An updated version of this presentation will be posted on Thursday.

Eduardo Sanchez, M.D., MPH, FAFP

Quality Management Approaches and Impact on Costs
Steve Love

HFMA South Texas Chapter 2011 Annual Institute
May 26-27, 2011 Isla Grand Beach Resort, South Padre Island, Texas

“CMS-That Money is Mine!”…Value Based Holdback and How to Keep More of It
Randy Swift, Martin D. Wright

Electronic Health Record Implementation Risk Management
Richard Williams, Matt Jackson

The Value of HFMA Social Media
Christopher Snyder

2011 Legislative Session: How Bad Will It Be?
John Hawkins

ACOs and Health Care Collaborative
George Hill

Quality Tie-In to Reimbursement – Study Presentation
Terese “Terri” Conner

►The High Tech Act (Meaningful Use Panel)
Becky Englehardt, Wesley Fountain, Rosie Mendiola
, Dr. Fausto Menza

HIPAA 5010: Preparing for the Future
Pam Grosze

►Medicaid Update – Presentation handout; Medicaid Hospital Initiatives Under Consideration Handout
Peggy Deming

February Education Roadshow
February 9, 10, 16 & 17, 2011,
San Marcos, Uvalde, Weslaco, Laredo
Combined presentations: How Many Denials Walkikng Do You Have? and Revenue Cycle – Connecting the Dots…
Lincoln Fish – Benchmark Revenue Management
Ted Barduson – Benchmark Revenue Management

The Future of Revenue Cycle Management
September 30, 2010 – San Antonio, Texas

What Do KPIs Have To Do With Being Successful in Managed Care Contracting?
Dan McAfee – The Godbey Group
Russ Weaver -Adventist Health System

Healthcare Reform: Readiness and Repositioning Strategies for Hospitals and Health Systems
Robert Turner – Kaufman, Hall & Associates

Changes in Medicaid:Healthcare Reform and its Impact on Texas
Billy Millwee – Associate Commissioner for Medicaid/CHIP

The Economic Condition of the US and Its Relation to Healthcare Reform
Dana Forgione

Texas’ Plan for Enrollment
Dianne Longley -� Texas Department of Insurance

Revenue Cycle Management in the ED
Elaine Barry, RN, MSN – EDIMS
Anne Marie Wertz, CPC, MICP -Clara Maass Medical Center

Healthcare Reform: Changes in Medicare and Medicare Advantage
Donny Anderson – Select-Plus Network

HFMA/ACHE Joint Conference
Looking Forward to a More Level Playing Field
August 27, 2010

Healthcare Reform
Rulon Stacey – ACHE

Emergency Management for Healthcare Executives
James M. Rush – JVR Health Readiness, Inc.

The Military Health System: We’re Not That Different
Col. William Grimes – Fort Hood

Steps to Successful Recovery from a Disaster
Cynthia Gray – Valley Baptist Health System

Trauma Service Area
Dave Reimer – Capital Area Trauma Regional Advisory Council

South Texas Roadshow Series
August, 2010

Are You Ready for Payment Reform?

Managing Productivity to Ensure Appropriate Staffing